Art of Reporting

Monita Singh, Centrum Press, 2010, vii, 295 p, ISBN : 9380836201, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Art of Reporting

Contents: Preface. 1. The changing reporting environment. 2. Digital alteration in photojournalism. 3. Unwriteable discourse and interpretive practice. 4. The origins of the right to privacy. 5. Hiring and training of photojournalists. 6. Next generation of journalists for converged media. 7. Newspaper copy editors perceptions. 8. Perceptions of newroom cultural change. 9. Principles in the basic news reporting classroom. 10. Civic utility of the news. 11. Positioning as journalists. Bibliography. Index.

"News organizations are often expected to aim for objectivity; reporters claim to try to cover all sides of an issue without bias, as compared to commentators or analysts, who provide opinion or personal point of view. However, several governments impose certain constraints or police news organizations for bias.

This book demonstrates just how well magazine nonfiction can be. The journalists selected are not particularly well known but they are masters of their craft and present highly enjoyable reads." (jacket)

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