Ali's Rule

M.I. Naved. Edited by M.H. Syed, Anmol, 2010, Encyclopaedia of Islamic Empires and Dynasties Series, viii, 318 p, ISBN : 9788126141470, $130.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Hadrat Ali. 2. Life of a brave man. 3. Centre of power. 4. Brave Caliph. 5. Kufa years. 6. The achievements. 7. Principles of administration. Bibliography. Index.

"Having a book on Islamic empires and dynasties without the mention of Hadrat Ali is not possible. Hadrat Ali was a great commander, an ideal judge and great administrator--all rolled into one. His bravery won him the title of the "Lion of God" and his learning that of the "Gate of knowledge." He can't be compared with any one in the fineness of spirit. This book is an epoch of stupendous success story of Hadrat Ali.

A must for history students, scholars, researchers etc. and specially about great personalities that world have ever seen."

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