John Spicer, Viva Books, 2009, pbk, 192 p, ISBN : 9781851684717, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)


Contents: Preface. The wood among which the trees are found. All creatures that on earth do dwell. Where on earth is biodiversity?. Diversity, extinction and deep time. Crisis? What crisis?. No such thing as a free lunch. Leaving the world as you would like to find it. The ring of living beauty. Further reading and website references. Appendix. Index.

“Biodiversity: A Beginner’s Guide combines the most up-to-date scientific thought with a genuine passion for the natural world. From Kyoto to ecotourism, and from mass extinctions to population explosions, John Spicer explores the causes behind and consequences of the current crisis in biodiversity, and urges us to take steps now to ensure that nature’s wonders are enjoyed by future generations.”

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