Abdul Hameed Ansari : Revolutionary Journalist and Freedom Fighter

Javed Jamaluddin, Popular Prakashan, ISBN : 817991142X, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

"During these sad times when voices of communalism are becoming strident and the Muslim community’s very identity as Indians is being questioned, Abdul Hameed Ansari’s life and message to modern India becomes very relevant. A freedom fighter and a newspaper man to the core, his liberalism easily towered over smaller minds and parochial elements. He successfully laid the foundation of Inquilab, which has been a beacon as well as the voice of the progressive Muslim community and later was the inspiration of his son Khalid Ansari’s Mid Day. Both are the benchmarks in Indian Journalism today and the book traces the historic journey.

As Dr. Rafiq Zakaria says in his foreword, this book brings to our attention “how a brave and fearless soldier of the Indian freedom struggle and a revolutionary journalist was ignored and remained unappreciated despite his great service to the nation”.

Life is not just about comforts and happiness; it is about being able to serve your fellow beings selflessly. We feel that we will be better off in India because here we are needed the most. No matter what difficulties we face here, this is where home and the heart is. Those who were needed to take the country forward have quietly packed their bags and left for Pakistan. But we shall remain here with our ideologies and our drive to serve the nation. A newspaper which is needed here cannot be shifted to Pakistan. Till there is a single Muslim left on this soil, we will remain here. And if he, like others before him, tries to leave for Pakistan, we shall hold his hand and guide him back to India. We know the pulse of the Indian Muslims and will keep serving them till our last breath.”

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