Axiological Approach to the Vedas

S.G. Nigal, Northern Book Centre, xvi, 132 p, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

"A creative and systematic Axiology of Vedic ideas and ideals. It is an independent Axiological study which gives an integral system of values in the Vedas. The attempt made by the Author is novel and adventurous and its findings are profound.

The author has made use of the well-known concept of four Purusarthas: Dharma; Artha; Kama and Moksa. This method has enabled the author to grasp the value-core of the Vedas with freshness of vision and he has brought out the main value-affirmations in the Vedas.

The present volume is a study of the most ancient book of mankind, but in advanced form. It is an exploration that leads to the development of the Vedic Axiology."

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