Alternate Identities : Essays on Commonwealth Literature

Edited by G. Baskaran, Yking Books , 2010, 304, ISBN : 8191058802, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Alternate Identities : Essays on Commonwealth Literature

Contents: Preface. 1. Gendering diaspora : a reading of selected stories of Chitra Banerjee/P. Geetha. 2. Ethnocentrism of the West : a reading of Chitra Banerjee divakaranis Silver Pavements golden roofs/s. Vasigaran. 3. Shashi Tharoors Riot : a quest ofr identity/Vijay F. Nagannawar. 4. Shashi Tharoor: a social critic/Vijay F. Nagannawar. 5. Religious meodrama in Shashi Tharoors Riot/G. Baskaran and Y. Vidya. 6. Demoralization of ambitious displacement and inheritance of gain in Kiran Desais the inheritance of loss/M. Rajaram and A. Vasudevan. 7. Kiran Desais the inheritance of loss: a post colonial social document/R. Kalidasan. 8. Cultural and political identity in Dalit literature/S. Prabahar. 9. The impact of protest literature on society as seen in balck and Dalit writing/Rajesh Bojan. 10. Male dependent liberated women?: a critique of Bharati Mukherjees protagonists/Stanley Mohandoss Stephen. 11. the problem of fixing and iendity: a study of Bharati Mukherjees Jasmine/Rasha K.S. 12. From chaos to creation in Bharati Mukherjees Jasmine/B. Sharmila. 13. Commonwealth literature in post colonial context a case study in the United States: Bharati Mukherjees short story Jasmine/Yuirka Tamura. 14. Emeriging individuals and breaking silences of women in Gita Hariharans Novels/B. Kathiresan. 15. Seed time of Nayantara Sahgal literary career/K.M. Sumathi. 16. The epitome of motherhood in Amitav Ghosh's the hungry tide/S. Vasuki. 17. The face behind the mask: a reading of eomen in Manju Kapoors home/G. Baskaran and Y. Vidya. 18. Hindu ethos and women: a select reading of three women writers and their works/B. Sharmila. 19. Sacrifice self awareness and self emergence sensing naipaul in somerset: an analytical viee of half a life/C. Gangalakshmi. 20. Shashi Deshpandes Sarita in the dark holds no terrors: a quintessence of new Indian woman/anup Kumar Sarma. 21. Shashi Deshpandes a wll is safer in the light of spychoanalytic fminism/S. Cinthana. 22. Man women relationship in post colonial literature: a discursive study of Shashi Deshpande and Chandni Lokuge/Sangeeta Das. 23. Power Vs powerless in Arun Joshis : the city and river/L. Anushya Devi. 24. Manohar Malgonkars the Devills wind: a post colonial venture in decolonizing and demythifying history/L. Sengaiah. 25. The concept of Karma in R.K. Narayans the guide/Swapna M. 26. Nationalism and the third world: reflections on Edward Said/Baby Pushpa Sinha and Lalan Kishore Singh. 27. Rebuilding the rainbow nation through liberalism: a post colonial reading of J.M. Coetsees select fiction/M. Lawrence. 28. Recreating myth: a feminist reading of amy tan's Novel the kitchen Gods wife/Lanurenla. 29. Ben Okris the famished road: a nigerian mirror/Indumathy P. 30. The depiction of the mind of the protagonist in Chudamani Raghavan's Yamini/thanga Rani K. 31. Quest of rcultural identity: reminiscence change and compromise in the mamang dais the legends of pensam/Kamla Kanta Bori. 
"This book is a collection of essays on Commonwealth Literature. The idea of bringing out a book on this area came when most of the universities and colleges have started introducing papers in this area. This book is purely thought of the scholars who are seriously in search of secondary sources. The essays written by professors and scholars are out of their specialization. In the present global scenario every nation has lost its boundary and the people living in it felt the need of a unified territory. The essays chosen for print deal with themes and concepts based on the race gender cultural cross currents displacement diaspora issues centered on women ethos and tolerance. booker winners writings were also taken by the writers for analysis. They discussed the themes in various genres novels short stories poetry and plays and the choice of the works is something new." (jacket)

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