A Textbook of Plant Physiology : Theory and Objectives

Susheela M. Das, Wisdom Press, 2011, xii, 492 p, ISBN : 9380199948, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Plant Physiology : Theory and Objectives

Contents: 1. Plant water relation. 2. Absorption of water. 3. Transpiration. 4. Mineral nutrition. 5. Mineral salt absorption. 6. Transport of organic solutes. 7. Photosynthesis. 8. Respiration. 9. Photorespiration. 10. Nitrogen metabolism. 11. Photoperiodism and phytochrome. 12. Photomorphogenesis. 13. Dormancy and vernalization. 14. Plant Movements. 15. Phytohormones. Multiple choice questions.

This book has been structured to cover every aspect of the subject. The text provides a meaningful, realistic context for learning all of the core material that students must master as per their syllabi. It gives them with accurate, modern, and streamlined content with illustrations to make the material easier to understand. The publication includes extensive theory, divided into various chapters, true and false, fill-in the blanks and multiple choice questions. Options given in place of answers have been picked up to test the student’s mettle and clarity of comprehension, retention and recall. The book will help the students in overall self assessment and prompts them to practice and review the gap areas in their learning process.

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