A Textbook of Advance Calculus, Vectors and Numerical Analysis

A.A. Ansari, S.K.D. Dubey, J.P. Pandey and Rajesh Pandey, Wisdom Press, 2011, xiv, 514 p, ISBN : 9380199610, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Advance Calculus, Vectors and Numerical Analysis

Contents: Preface. I. Advance calculus: 1. Functions of several variables. 2. Maxima, Minima and Lagrange's multipliers. 3. Indeterminate forms. II. Vector analysis: 1. Multiple product of vectors. 2. Vector differentiation. 3. Differential operators (gradient, divergence and curl). 4. Vector integration (Gauss's Green's and Stoke's theorems). III. Numerical analysis: 1. The operator and calculus of finite differences. 2. Interpolation with equal intervals. 3. Solution of algebraic and transcendental equations. 4. Numerical integration. 5. Solution of ordinary differential equations of first order.

"This book is divided into three sections which cover Advance Calculus, Vector Calculus and Numerical Analysis. The text is designed to provide a core of material for students according to their syllabi and is filled with clear, thorough full spectrum of pedagogical features including examples, theorems and proofs, practice problems and exercises. The book has been carefully written and structured, to allow flexibility in use to match a variety of course needs and requirements. It is hoped that the students will reach the frontiers of the subject in a considerably shorter time than with existing texts." (jacket)

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