Auditing : A Modern Approach

Sajnay Basotia, DND Publications, 2011, 250 p, ISBN : 9380929033, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Auditing : A Modern Approach

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Audit Committees. 3. Planning the audit. 4. Audit programmes. 5. Typical audit. 6. Vouching. 7. Verification.  8. Company audit. 9. Audit report. 10. Liabilities of auditor. 11. Internal check. 12. Appointment of auditor. 13. Audit of inflation adjusted accounts. 14. Management audit.
"For the past few years English medium  student are increasing year by year in B. Com, BBA, M. Com, MBA and other courses and to fulfill their long felt need in this regard.

It has been written in an analytical and lucid manner illustrated with suitable examples and working notes to the reader may follow it step by step without any difficulty.

Author is really happy to present before them the first edition of auditing. It is written in such a manner that a common student can learn principles and methods of Audit. " (jacket)

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