A Textbook of Geology : Elements and Theories

W.H. Norton, Dominant, 2011, ix, 361 p, ISBN : 817888643X, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Geology : Elements and Theories

Contents: Preface. I. External geological agencies: 1. Rocks on the earth and effect of weather on them. 2. The work of groundwater. 3. Water run off streams rivers valleys and plateau. 4. River and valley deposits. 5. Type and functions of glaciers on earth surface. 6. Deposits and erosions: created by winds. 7. The sea and its shores. 8. Offshore and deep sea deposits. II. Internal geological agencies: 9. Movements of earths crust. 10. Disturbances within earth: earthquakes and volcanoes. 11. Underground structures of igneous origin. 12. Metamorphism and mineral veins. III. Historical geology: 13. Geological records their formation and study. 14. Earths beginning and pre Cambrian systems. 15. Cambrian late Cambrian period fossils and life. 16. The Ordovician and Silurian periods on earth. 17. The Devonian period on earth. 18. The carboniferous period. 19. Mesozoic era: the period of reptiles and vegetations. 20. Cenozoic era: activities and life in the tertiary period. 21. Quaternary: the last period of geological history. 22. Geological history of India.

"The book satisfies the need of a text book of a very simple outline in which causes and their consequences are knit together as closely as possible a need long felt the author in his teaching and perhaps by other teachers also. The author has ventured therefore to depart from the common usage which subdivides geology into a number of departments.

The plan of the book with its use of problems and treatment of land forms and rock structure in immediate connection with the processes which produce them was thought of keeping graduate and undergraduate courses in mind.

The book is divided clearly into three sections to address external geological agencies like rocks waters deposits erosions glaciers deep seas and sea shores as well as Internal geological agencies like Movements and disturbances within earth metamorphism and mineral veins with elements of historical geology.

The historical geology part deals with geological records their formation and study traveling through various ages eras and periods starting from Pre-Cambrian  systems to the quaternary.

Lastly the book addresses the Geology of India including plate Tectonics Tectonic Evolution major rock groups Precambrian super-eon Phanerozoic Palaeozoic Mesozoic Cenozoic. The Indian plate, Gondwana breakup of Gondawana. Earthquake Hazard zoning in India." (jacket)

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