Accounting Handbook for Central Autonomous Organizations and Universities

B.S RAMASWAMY, Taxmann, 2010, ISBN : 9788171947973, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Accounting Handbook for Central Autonomous Organizations and Universities

Acting as the main faculty in over 50 training programmes on Accounting Reforms in Autonomous organizations and universities, covering 200 organizations and over 1000 participants and engaging myself as Team Leader on behalf of the National Institute of Financial Management in the conversion of Accounts from Cash system to Accrual system by several Central universities and an autono­mous organization, have encouraged me to venture into writing this book.

I have also helped several other autonomous organizations, Central universities & Institutes of higher education in this task. Though the standard formats for presenting of Annual Accounts by Autonomous organizations were made mandatory from 1-4-2001 and three years later for Central Universities and Institutes of Higher Education, many organizations are still facing difficulties in implementing them. These organizations have certain special features and a need has been felt for a book which deals with every aspect of accounts in these organizations. The book covers in individual chapters each of the heads in the standard formats. Chapters covering accounts of sponsored projects, Grants, Retirement Benefits, Depreciation, Tasks in the first year of change over, and second and subsequent years after change over have been added. With these, the book would act as a practical hand book for reference in their day to day accounting work and annual closing of Accounts.

I have been waiting to write this book for quite sometime but it became a reality because the publishers Taxmann readily came for­ward to publish this book. I acknowledge their support and en­couragement and thank them for bringing it out within a short period of time.

It will give me great satisfaction if the organizations using this book are benefited in their task of fully switching over to the Accrual System of Accounting.

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