Applied Microbiology

Sharath Chandra Patil and Ramakant Naidu, Campus Books, 2010, v, 280 p, ISBN : 8180302442, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Applied Microbiology

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Soil microbiology. 3. Antimicrobial proteins. 4. Secondary metabolite. 5. Lipid accumulation. 6. Genetically engineered microorganisms. 7. Quorum sensing. 8. Microbiology and immunology. 9. Bacteriology. 10. Virology. 11. Mycology. Bibliography. Index.

"This book in the series on microbiology concentrates its focus on the applications of microbiology and its relevance in a practical context. The food industry pharmaceuticals and the environment have primarily employed microbiology till date enabling the productions of such goods which were earlier unable to be seven envisaged. As the advances in the field progress it can only be expected that the list of applications grow.

The book embarks on a comprehensive discussion of applied microbiology including the principles practices processes tools ands techniques as well as the issues surrounding the field. In addition the recent trends and developments in the field have been detailed lending the book an up to date outlook." (jacket)

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