Manual of Soil Plant and Fertilizer Analysis

S. Panigrahi, Arise Publishers, 2011, ISBN : 9789380162584, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Manual of Soil Plant and Fertilizer Analysis

Contents: 1. Indian Agricultural-A Contextual Analysis. 2. Introduction : Soil, Plant and Fertilizer. 3. Soil Biology and Ecology. 4. Important Areas of Soil Science. 5. Agricultural Soil Science. 6. The Plant Nutrition Science. 7. Importance of Fertilizer in Plant Growth. 8. Plant Nutrition Deficiencies. 9. Symptoms of Deficiency in Essential Minerals. 10. Plant and Soil Analysis for Crop Fertilization. 11. National Project on Management of Soil Health and Fertility. 12. Water Balance of Plants. 13. Agricultural Drainage System. 14. Organic and Non-organic Fertiliser : Use and Applications Methods. 15. Micronutrients for Plants. 16. The Earthly Origin of Industrially-produced Nitrogen Used for Plant Nutrition. 17. Manure and Organic Fertilizer. 18. Soil Fertilizer and Soil Addictives. 19. Soil Contamination. 20. Soil Acidity and Alkalinity. 21. Bibliography. 22. Index.

The technical information contained here in will prove useful to students, teachers, scientists and analysis studying/working in the field of biological an applied sciences, more specifically, in the fields of soil science, agronomy, horticulture, environmental science, plant science, geology, hydrology, microbiology and forestry. It will also prove as a tool for soil testing, quality control and research laboratories of related fields.

About the Author

Dr. Subrot Panigrahi was the Principal Scientists and Incharge, Centre for soil plant water analysis, Division of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, IARI. He also served as the Principal investigator of ICAR Coordinated Research Project on Long Term Fertilizer Experiments since 1993. He has handled a number of research projects relating to soil fertility, fertilizer use and soil test development.

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