Principles Of Mass Transfer And Separation Processes

Binay K. Dutta, PHI Learning, 580 p, ISBN : 9788120329904, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Principles Of Mass Transfer And Separation Processes

Contents: Preface. Introduction. Molecular Diffusion. Convective Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Coefficient. Interphase Mass Transfer. Gas-Liquid Contacting Equipment. Gas Absorption and Stripping. Distillation. Liquid-Liquid Extraction. Solid-Liquid Extraction. Humdification and Water Cooling. Drying of Wet Solids. Adsorption. Crystallization. Membrane Separation. Multicomponent Distillation. Transient Diffusion and Mass Transfer with Chemical Reaction. Appendix. Index

This textbook is targetted to undergraduate students in chemical engineering, chemical technology, and biochemical engineering for courses in mass transfer, separation processes, transport processes, and unit operations.

The principles of mass transfer, both diffusional and convective have been comprehensively discussed. The application of these principles to separation processes is explained. The more common separation processes used in the chemical industries are individually described in separate chapters.

The book also provides a good understanding of the construction, the operating principles, and the selection criteria of separation equipment. Recent developments in equipment have been included as far as possible.

The procedure of equipment design and sizing has been illustrated by simple examples. An overview of different applications and aspects of membrane separation has also been provided. ‘Humidification and water cooling’, necessary in every process industry, is also described. Finally, elementary principles of ‘unsteady state diffusion’ and mass transfer accompanied by a chemical reaction are covered.

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