A Modern Book on Economic Geography: Politics and Practices

Vishal Negi, Cyber Tech Pub, 2011, viii, 264 p, ISBN : 9788178846675, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Modern Book on Economic Geography: Politics and Practices

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Position and Method. 3. Studying the economic life of things. 4. Sexing the economy, theorizing bodies. 5. Putting play to work. 6. Plumbing New depths in economic geography. 7. Avoiding determinism and embracing normativity. 8. Community Economy. 9. A Public language for analyzing. 10. The place of personal politics. 11. Post-socialism and the politics. 12. Hybrid GIS and cultural economic geography. 13. Evolution in economic geography. 14. Economic geography as if it matters. 15. Economic geography, by the numbers. 16. Methodologies, epistemologies, audiences. 17. History, Nature and empire. 18. Transnational ethnographies. 19. Researching transnational networks. Bibliography. Index.

Nearly twenty-five years ago it occurred to me that we might gain considerable insight into the mainsprings of human behaviour if we viewed it purely as a natural phenomenon like everything else in the universe and if we studied it with the same dispassionate objectivity with which one is wont to study, say, the social behaviour of bees, or the nest building habits of birds. The present book the results of the extended inquiry that ensued in the course of those years, and which led to the disclosure of some fundamental principles that seem to govern important aspects of our behaviour, both as individuals and as members of social groups. (Jacket)

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