Ambedkar and Fight Against Untouchability

Surendra Kumar Singh, Centrum Press, 2011, viii, 296 p, ISBN : 9789380836416, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ambedkar and Fight Against Untouchability

Contents: Preface. 1. Ambedkar on untouchability. 2. Ambedkar on theories of the origin of untouchability. 3. Ambedkar on the riddle of the Sudras. Bibliography. Index.

The Hindu religious belief that All human beings are not born equal creates caste based discrimination against the Dalits that leads to various forms of violence against them including public humiliation, torture, rape, beating and killing. Reacting to the values of Hinduism, Rabindranath Gore wrote, we do not value Hinduism, we value human dignity… We want equal rights in the society. We will achieve them as far as possible while remaining within the Hindu fold or if necessary by kicking away this worthless Hindu identity.

Ambedkar was a great supporter of women’s liberation. He blamed the verna system, which has not only subjugated Dalits but also women. He questioned Manu Smriti (Laws of Manu), the law book (Dharam Shastra) of Brahminic Hinduism and attributed to Manum, the legendary first man and lawgiver. The book, which rovides a rare opportunity to debate and discuss the contribution of Dr. Ambedkar in nation building, will be great interest to all sections of people.

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