Bioinformatics : A Practical Manual

M. Rajadurai, PBS Book Enterprises, 2010, pbk, x, 158 p, figs, ISBN : 8190930000, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bioinformatics : A Practical Manual

Contents: Preface. Acknowledgement. 1. Introduction to database--NCBI. 2. European molecular biology laboratory. 3. DNA data bank of Japan. 4. Swiss-prot. 5. Online bioinformatics tool. 6. Multiple sequence alignment -ClustalX. 7. Molecular visualization. Appendix: Introduction to database. Bibliography.

From the preface: This book gives a comprehensive account of databases, their classification and sequence alignment, sequence similarities, sequence file format conversion, phylogenetic tree, clustalX and clustalW, molecular visualization and complete molecular biological databases and reference links.

At the end of each chapter, exercises and references links are provided for the benefit of the students preparing for examinations.

Detailed tables, figures and schematic diagrams are included are liberal to facilitate easier learning of students. All the chapter in this book understand by the flow charts and various numbers of figures.

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