Ada Plus Data Structures: An Object Oriented Approach

Nell Dale and John W. McCormick, Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2008, Second Edition, 900 p, ISBN : 9788130909776, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ada Plus Data Structures: An Object Oriented Approach

Contents: 1. Software Engineering. 2. Data Design and Implementation. 3. Sets With An Introduction to Generic Units. 4. Strings With Introductions to Access Types and Controlled Types. 5. Stacks With Introductions to Linked Lists and Big-O. 6. FIFO Queues With Introductions to General Access Types and Class Wide Types. 7. Key-Ordered Lists. 8. Lists Plus. 9. Programming with Recursion. 10. Binary Search Trees. 11. Priority Queues, Heaps, and Graphs. 12. Sorting and Searching.

Newly updated using Ada 2005, Ada Plus Data Structures: An Object-Oriented Approach, Second Edition is the most up-to-date, student-friendly Ada based text available. The text introduces, and discusses in detail, such familiar topics as sets, strings, stacks, queues, lists, trees, and graphs from an object-oriented point of view. The recurring theme throughout the text is modeling with levels of abstraction, presenting each class from three different perspectives: their specification, sample applications, and one or more implementations. Using this approach, the authors stress computer science theory and software engineering principles including: information hiding, data encapsulation, data abstraction, life-cycle verification, and designing for correctness.  With its object-oriented presentation, real-world applications, and traditional Dale pedagogy, Ada Plus Data Structures remains the leading text in the field.

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