Ageing : An Interdisciplinary Approach

Edited by Sarjoo Patel and Veena Gandotra, Rawat Pub, 2011, xvi, 268 p, ISBN : 813160389X, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ageing : An Interdisciplinary Approach

Contents: Preface. Contributors. 1. Senile miseries and ways of resolution/Dimple Saluja. 2. Clothing for elderly people: a challenge/Madhu Sharan. 3. Health promotion for the aged: problems and solutions in Indian scenario/Pallavi Mehta and Komal Chauhan. 4. Common first aid tips for elderly/Mona Mehta. 5. Changes in clothing interest of women during old age: a study/Shivani Verma and Vandana R. Chauhan. 6. Ergonomically designed toilet chair: a remedy to avoid accidents among old age people/Nirmal Kaur and Promila Sharma. 7. Elderly and recreation/Babita Shukla. 8. Ageing workforce in the German labour market: review of intervention strategies adopted by prestigious German organizations/Meeta Agarwal and Veena Gandotra. 9. Clothing for third age women/Parul Dave and Vandana R. Chauhan. 10. Late middle age: a turning point for changes in lifestyle, diet, physical activity and disease/Vanisha S. Nambiar. 11. Greying community of India/Varsha Parikh. 12. Role and status of aged women: an analysis of preferred and performed home role/Minaxi Pathak, Ira Bora and Ruplekha Borah. 13. Mismatch between anthropometric measurements and dimensions of toilet chair: a cause of accidents/Nirmal Kaur and Promila Sharma. 14. Old age homes of Baroda: first hand encounter/Rameshwari Pandya. 15. Accidents among old age people while using Indian toilet/Nirmal Kaur and Promila Sharma. 16. Solitude in old age/Urvashi Pande. 17. Age-defying foods/Vanisha S. Nambiar. 18. Time-use pattern of women in the third age/Maneesha Shukul and Veena Gandotra. 19. Safety measures for elderly in old age homes/Shewanti N. Kashyap. Index.

Ageing is a continuous biological process which no human being can escape. It begins at birth and ends with death. This inevitable and irreversible proves of ageing affects both physical and psychological well-being. Though it cannot be avoided, the rate at which one ages varies from country to country and person to person. It not only depends on one’s genes but also on the environmental influences and the lifestyle one follows.

Traditionally, in India, aged enjoyed a place of honour and respect in family and society but in modern times the younger generation has replaced them in strategic positions, leaving them in a weakened and functionless situation. Today, they are being viewed as non-productive and dependent. Thus, there is a need to look into their problems and provide practical solutions to their physical and psychological needs. The present book is an attempt in this direction. The scholars from various disciplines of home sciences have contributed towards this giant issue. A book of such a dimension is of great use to not only elderly themselves, but to the institutions and organizations that are concerned about them.

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