Explore the Power of Astrology Trikona - 2

Ambika Prasad Parashar and Vinod Kumar Parashar, Pustak Mahal, 151 p, ISBN : 9788178061368, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Explore the Power of Astrology Trikona - 2

Contents: 1. I Need Your Attention 7 On Studying Astrology....7. Dimensions of Trikona Two....9. Understanding the Planets....11. 2. The Third House 15. House of Communication, Journeys, Brothers and  Sisters. Transits of Planets....17. Analysis of the Charts....29. Brief Summary of Results....48.  3. The Seventh House 50. House of Romance, Marriage and Legal Affairs. Transits of Planets....51. Analysis of the Charts....61. Brief Summary of Results....84. When Matching Charts for Marriage!....85. 4. The Eleventh House 88. House of Idealism, Dreams and Riches Transits of Planets....89. Analysis of the Charts....100. The Concluding Chart....121. Specific Discussions....122. Brief Summary of Results....124. Appendices.

Dr Ambika Prasad Sharma and his son Dr Vinod Kumar Sharma, inspired by their two books on astrology, Explore the Power of Astrology and Explore the Power of Astrology Trikona One, bring to you a new and advanced viewpoint on another set of three important angles (houses) of the chart (kundali) which are the third house, the seventh house and the eleventh house, traditionally known as Trikona. These three houses deal with some of the crucial areas in one's life such as education, brothers and sisters, marriage, business partners, dreams and desires, gains through parents, and sudden and unexpected riches.

These findings combine both traditional Indian and Western viewpoints in the analysis of the charts. The authors have analysed over forty charts in relation to the three houses and discussed in detail how the planets play a vital role in the growth and development of human beings.

This book gives the reader an insight to unfold easily the hidden and overt impact of the planet(s) placed in a house and reflect extensively how these houses influence one's life constantly. It also provides the knowledge how the planets effect the houses they rule, and takes us a step further in unlocking and understanding the mysterious ways of the heavenly bodies.

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