21st Century China: View and Vision

Wim Swann, Global Vision Pub, 2009, ISBN : 9788182202801, $120.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

21st Century China: View and Vision

Contents: Preface. 1 Introduction. 2. The Land and the People. 3. The Social System. 4. Economic Tradition, Transition and Transformation. 5. Party, Government and Politics. 6. Foreign Policy. 7. Science and Technology. 8. Modernisation of National Security System . 9 Education, Culture and Religion. 10. Historical Development. Bibliography. Index.

The book entitled 21st Century China: View and Vision is an up to date and comprehensive study covering the whole spectrum of socio political economic and cultural tradition and transformation of China in the new millennium. The author has thoroughly investigated the various aspects of the Chinese life their traditions and process of reformation in ten chapters. In the very first chapter author has described introductory overview and demographic features have been described in second chapter. Third chapter deals with Chinese social system and economic tradition transition and transformation in fourth chapter. Fifth chapter investigates structure and function of government and politics however foreign policy is discussed in sixth chapter. Development of science and technology is described in seventh chapter however eighth chapter deals with the process of modernisation of national security system. Ninth chapter describes education culture and religion and historical development has been critically examined in the last chapter of this book. This book would be a valuable asset for the reader to get the comprehensive knowledge about contemporary China and its people. Enlightening feedback and suggestions are solicited.

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