Angel and A Half

Pooja Lulla, Rupa, 2006, pbk, 157 p, ISBN : 8129109794, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Angel and A HalfSt. Peter’s worried. There’s trouble knocking on Heaven’s door. More and more mortals are heading towards Hell and making it their home in the afterlife, while Heaven’s new chambers haven’t a soul. St. Peter’s only hope is the ace Achiever Angel Aggie, who’s terrific at making people do good. But Aggie is in love with Lucy-and she’s the Devil’s daughter! And to St. Peter’s horror, they’ve decided to get married! New trials come when the couple’s twin sons Sam and Dev are born. Sam wants to be a mortal do-gooder and spread sunshine and happiness wherever he goes, but Dev’s itching to be a devil, just likes his old Grandpa!
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