Accounting and Financial Analysis - UPTU

Naseem Ahmed, Nawab Ali Khan and Rajender Kumar, Ane Books Pvt. Ltd., 2010, pbk, 623 p, ISBN : 9380618296, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Accounting and Financial Analysis - UPTUContents: Unit I : Overview: 1. Introduction. 2. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs) and Accounting Standards. Unit II : Mechanics Of Accounting: 3. Recording of Business Transactions. 4. Final Accounts (Financial Statements) of Trading and Manufacturing Organisations. 5. Depreciation Accounting. 6. Inventory Valuation. 7. Intangible Assets. Unit III : Analysis Of Financial Statement: 8. Analysis of Financial Statement. Unit IV : Funds Flow Statement: 9. Statement of Changes in Financial Position (SCFP) Capital Basis and Cash Basis. Unit V : Cash Flow Statement: 10. Statement of Changes in Financial Position (SCFP) Cash Basis.

The book aims to present a simplified version of intricate aspects of accounting so as to develop thorough understanding of the subject matter. The book is tailor made for the students of MBA and MCA, 1st Semester. It will be equally useful to the students of the courses in Accounting at graduate and postgraduate levels.

The book explains the concepts and procedure and unfolds the complexities of the subject matter in a simple and lucid style to provide conceptual clarity. Each topic is self contained and provides theoretical exposition followed by multi-dimensional illustrations to help management students to understand the practical implications. The book seeks to replace memorization with in-depth understanding and application.

At the end of each chapter a bunch of theoretical and numerical assignments will serve as berg-meter of understanding for the students. The book provides sufficient flexibility in sequencing the course material to improve overall knowledge of the readers in general and MBA and MCA students in particular.
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