Architectural Excellence

Paul Cattermole, Compendium Publishing, 2009, 512 p, ISBN : 9781906347272, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Architectural ExcellenceArchitectural Excellence what makes a great building? There are many criteria: it has to be admired as well as being extraordinary; the building has to be unique (at least at the time it was built); it can be influential and groundbreaking in its imagination, use of materials and architecture. But, perhaps, above all, it needs to stand the test of time. Will the great buildings of the last and this century survive as well as their predecessors? This book is a sweeping world tour through 5,000 years of architecture detailing 500 key buildings that will take the reader from the dawn of time to the twenty-first century-a potted history of man’s greatest architectural achievements in a single volume; an excellent quick overview and handy reference guide for world travelers, students and armchair enthusiasts alike. Key facts, figures and dates for all 500 buildings will be at your fingertips. The selection includes many great centers of worship, a few administration buildings, a number of public buildings, such as galleries and museums and places of entertainment, as well as outstanding residential buildings such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s seminal Falling water at Bear Run in Pennsylvania.
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