Anatomy of the Head and Neck : For Dental and Medical Students

A. Halim, Ane Books Pvt. Ltd., 2009, pbk, 232 p, ISBN : 8180522687, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Anatomy of the Head and Neck : For Dental and Medical StudentsContents: 1. The Scale. 2. The Superficial Temporal Region. 3. The Face. 4. The Eyelids and The Lacrimal Apparatus. 5. The Muscles of Back. 6. The Back of Neck. 7. The Brachial Plexus. 8. The Side of Neck. 9. The Posterior Triangle. 10. The Anterior Triangle. 11. The Cranial Cavity. 12. The Orbit. 13. The Parotid Region. 14. The Infratemporal Region. 15. The Pterygo-palatine Fossa. 16. The Submandibular Region. 17. The Prevertebral Region and the Root of Neck. 18. The Cervical Viscera Thyroid Gland, Trachea and Oesophagus. 19. Vessels and Nerves in Upper Part of the Neck. 20. The Cervical Fascia. 21. The Lymphatic Drainage. 22. The Joints of the Neck. 23. The Mouth. 24. The Pharynx. 25. The Soft Palate. 26. The Nose. 27. The Larynx. 28. The Tongue. 29. The Teeth. 30. The Ear. 31. The Eyeball. Index.

This book presents to the student of medicine and dentistry an account of anatomical facts necessary to appreciate structural organisation of the Head and Neck. Considering the demand for change in both the presentation and methodology of teaching anatomy, the format of this edition has been changed accordingly. The diagrams have been put within the text, instead of on double spread sheets, to facilitate reading. The positive aspect of a compact text with important structural details has been retained. Emphasis has been put on some “key structures” of a part which will be helpful in clear understanding of that region and create a reinforcement of learning. The diagrams restrict themselves to the identification of structures while the text restricts it self to important features or the region thereby completing what is essential knowledge. To make the diagrams realistic colour has been used lavishly. Colour captures a reality that is more consistent with the mode of learning and has become an increasingly important element for most of the students today. The author hopes that students will find this second edition useful and a comprehensive study guide to the anatomy of head and neck.
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