Globalisation and Dalits : Magnitude and Impact

Vishwanatha, Mallaiah, L C, Abhijeet Pub, 2009, 324 p, ISBN : 9789380031019, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Globalisation and Dalits : Magnitude and Impact

Contents: 1. Globalization Livelihood and Social Exclusion of Dalits in India/Prof. Vishwanatha. 2. Dr. Ambedkar and Industrialization/Dr. L.C. Mallaiah. 3. Women Work Participation and Occupational Distribution/Dr. K.B. Ratna Kumari. 4. Globalization and Social Sector Development among Dalits in India/Dr. K. Ganagadharan. 5. Discrimination Deprivation and Exploitation Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Perceptions of Human Development/S.M. Basavaraju. 6. Trends and Tremour Dalit Identity in Modernization/Dr. Vinay Rajtath. 7. Social Sector and Dalits in the Post Reforms Era in India/Dr. P.S. Kamble. 8. Globalization and Dalits/Prof. G. Satyanarayan. 9. Financial Inclusion An Effective tool for Dalit Empowerment and Equitable Economic Growth in the Globalization Regime/Manoj P. K. 10. Modernization and Tribes A Historical Analysis of Shifting Cultivation in Colonial and Post Colonial Andhra Pradesh/Dr. V.M. Ravi kumar. 11. Human Rights of Dalits International Human Rights Laws Perspectives/Dr. V.N. Viswanathan. 12. Dr. B R Ambedkar and his Views about Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India/A. Sankar. 13. Dalits Political Movement in Tamil Nadu/Dr. P. Sakthivel. 14. A Study on Dalit Women Movement in Tamil Nadu/Dr. R. Sivakumar. 15. Reservations and the Creamy Layer/Dr. P. KrishnaKumar. 16. Origin and Growth of Political Consciousness among the Dalit Leaders in Tamil Nadu/Dr. S. Kuppusamy. 17. Social Inequality and Employment A Study of Scheduled Caste Women in Hyderabad Karnataka/Dr. Talwar Sabanna. 18. Dalits in the Era of Globalization/Jagnnathan B.

In India Dalits are remaining deprived economically and socially since millennia under the influence Hindu orthodox laws. After Independence, the policy of positive discrimination was initiated to improve the human development of Dalits. But it failed to bring some change in the lives of Dalits. Now State has been following the policy of Globalization. Under the regime of Globalization the Dalits are being adversely affected. The rich people are becoming richest and the poor becoming poorest. This book will make the people to understand the magnitude and impact of globalization on human development of Dalits. This book is an outcome of a national seminar conducted by Ambedkar Studies Centre, Mangalore University in the year 2006. The selected papers of the seminar and some invited papers from scholars and academicians are edited and published here. The theme of the seminar is Globalisation and Dalits. The main aim of the seminar is to understand the magnitude and impact of globalization on Dalits. Eminent scholars and academicians have presented papers on socio economic and political and cultural issues of Dalits. All the deliberations are highly thought-provoking and sharply focussed on Dalits issues. These scholarly presentations are brought in the form of book. This book covers the major aspects of social exclusion, discrimination, rights, education, affirmative action; poverty, labor, employment, wages and political movement and human development and ' occupational distribution of women.

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