A Guide To Educating Children With Learning Disabilities

Anupriya Chadha, Vikas Pub, 2007, Pbk, 166 p, ISBN : 8125911545, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Guide To Educating Children With Learning DisabilitiesThis is a complete book regarding a variety of learning disabilities that children experience in school. It discusses all aspects of the issue ranging from causes to remedial strategies, training of teachers and how to make learning joyful for the children. The approaches suggested in the book are practical and capable of being adopted in any situation. Many of these children have tremendous intellectual potential, which could be developed to the advantage of the nation, if early and timely interventions are available. Moreover, the teachers have to be sensitized to the problem. They have to adopt a positive attitude and use effective strategies to cope with problems faced by learning disabled children. This book is a guide, both for teachers and parents. Parents interact with these children more than teachers do. Therefore, if parents can be sensitized, more than half of the battle will be won. Learning disabilities constitute a major problem and coping with these is a large area of concern. This book can also form a part of the training material in teacher-training programmes. The book is addressed to the needs of those 6?10 per cent children who are believed to have learning disabilities. This means that a large number of children in the country would benefit from the guidance provided in this book. It could also help in formulating a national policy for educating all children, including those with learning disabilities.
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