Alcohol And Drug Dependence Among Industrial Workers

Chandra Paul Singh, Shipra Publications, 2000 , 194 p, ISBN : 8175410442, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Alcohol And Drug Dependence Among Industrial Workers

Contents: Preface.Introduction. 1. National and International Scenario. 2. Nature, Composition and Effects of Drugs. 3. The Drug Behaviour. 4. Drug Dependence and Work Environment. 5. Drug Dependence and Health. 6. Family and Sex Life of Drug Dependents. 7. Conclusion and Suggestions. Bibliography. Index.

Friends and co workers are the major source of initiation to the world of drugs. Workers believe that drugs increase their work performance and sex power. They suffer from various physical and psychological diseases which re enforce regular use of drugs. This work which is a modest attempt in this direction has traced the problem of drug abuse in ancient times and has also analyzed various research studies in India and abroad. The factors responsible for the problem are not only personal but social and cultural as well. The book attempts to explore different aspects of this problem in the context of industrial environment and various facets of the life of drug dependent industrial workers specially the nature and pattern of drugs used, their effect on work productivity, health family sex life and social relationship. It should be useful to sociologists social psychologists, industrial planners and enterpreneurs, industrial counsellors social workers and personnel managers.

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