A New Approach Financial Accounting for Professional Student

Ranjan Kumar Bal, Ashutosh Dash and Sudarshan Sahu, S. Chand Publisher, 2010, 728 p, ISBN : 8121932483, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A New Approach Financial Accounting for Professional Student

Contents: 1. Accounting, The Language of Business. 2. Accounting Principles, The Foundation of Accounting. 3. Double Entry System and Accounting Equation. 4. Journal and Its Subdivision. 5. Ledger. 6. Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation Statement. 7. Trial Balance and Errors. 8. Capital Revenue and Reserves. 9. Asset Accounting. 10. Financial Statements. 11. Accounting for Non Profit Making Organisation. 12. Accounting for Shares and Debentures. 13. Corporate Financial Statement and Annual Report. 14. Cash Flow Statement. 15. Financial Statement Analysis.

This book A New Approach to Financial Accounting has been specially designed to make your first acounting experience meaningful and interesting. For Professional Students.

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