A T B of Engineering Mech. and Basic Civil Engineering

J.P. Gupta, S. Chand Publishing, 2011, Reprint, 392 p, ISBN : 8121930936, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A T B of Engineering Mech. and Basic Civil Engineering

Contents: I: Engineering Mechanics 1. Static Of Force Systems. 2. Centroid And Moment Of Inertia Friction. 3. Transmission Of Power And Simple Lifting Machine. 4. Shear Force Diagram Sfd And Bending Moment Diagram Bmd. 5. Truss And Virtual Work Questions B.E. First Second Semester Examinations Paper June 2008.  Appendices:  1. RGPV Paper Solution July 2008 Dec. 2002 . 2. 10 Practical Write Up As Per RGPV Syllabus. 3. Viva Questions And Answers Useful Conversion Unitwise Questions Rgpv Part 2 Basic Civil Engineering Unit-1: Civil Engineering Materials Unit-2: Building Construction Unit-3: Surveying And Positioning Unit-4: Mapping And Sensing Unit-5: Disaster Resistant Building Questions. Appendix. I RGPV Paper Solution June 2008-Dec. 2004 Appendix II 10 Practical Write Up As Per RGPV Syllabus Appendix III Viva Questions And Answers Unitwise Mix Question Bank Appendix IV Glossary.

1. Strictly according to the revised syllabus as prescribed by RGPV Bhopal MP in theory and practical 2. It had alaso been observed that at the time of completing their practical records during the semester and at the time of External nternal Practical Oral Viva the students will face lot of trouble. 3. The book had also covered the solution of previous year question papers of RGPV from july 2008 backward. 4. Hence it is needed to write a common Book titled A textbook on Engineering Mechanics and Basic Civil Engineering with Practical.

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