Agro Climatology : Principles and Predictions

V. Ganesaraja, R. Veeraputhiran and V.K. Paulpandi, Associated Pub, 2011, pbk, vi, 90 p, ISBN : 8185211884, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Agro Climatology : Principles and PredictionsContents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Agro climatic characterization of Coimbatore District. 2. Climate probability estimates of Kovilpatti Taluk. 3. Water balance studies for Semi Arid Regions. 4. References.

Agricultural Meteorology is a challenging field which deals with weather and crop production. Climate and weather are the important free inputs in sustainable crop management. Climate of a particular region dictates the choice of a specific crop, crops and cropping system. The unpredictable nature of weather elements and their influence on agriculture has to be analyzed precisely for successful crop production. For this, rainfall analysis is highly essential. In this book rainfall analysis and parameters have been worked out for Coimbatore, Kovilpatti and Sivagangai which represent the entire dry land farming of Tamil Nadu. This book will be useful to students, researchers and planners in rainfed agriculture.
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