Biosphere : Forms and Functions : A Festschrift to Professor B.N. Verma

Edited by Prem Kumar Prasad, Daya Publishing House, 2018, reprint, xxiv, 194 p, ISBN : 9788170356714, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Biosphere : Forms and Functions : A Festschrift to Professor B.N. Verma

Contents: Brief resume of Dr. B.N. Verma. Foreword. Preface. 1. Plant activity in anaerobic environment under water submergence in environment under water submergence in wetlands/Ashwani K. Srivastava. 2. Reclamation and management of saline and Alkali soils/S.B. Agrawal and Anoop Singh. 3. Degradation of Reserved Forest (Victoria Park) Near Bhavnagar City due to overexploitation, Gujarat, India/Renu A. Oza. 4. Plant diversity in India: an overview/R.N. Trivedi. 5. Ethnomedicinal importance of some common pteridophytic plants found in Aravalli ranges of Rajasthan/Pradeep Parihar and A. Bohra. 6. Taxonomical and ethnomycological observations of edible mushrooms of Arunachal Pradesh/Rishikesh Mishra and Anil Kumar Sinha. 7. Biotechnological renaissance in horticultural crops/Alka Srivastava and S.S. Raghuvanshi. 8. Tissue culture techniques for developing weevil resistance in sweet potato/Harsh Kumar and S.C. Choudhary. 9. Improvement of protein quality and quantity in French Bean/P.R. Prasad. 10. Effect of temperature on plants with special reference to wheat/Kanak Sinha, Bikash Patnaik and Santosh Kumar. 11. Structure and behaviour of Chromosomes in Radish (Raphanus Sativus L.)/Narsinha Dayal. 12. Seed mycoflora of umbelliferous spices/S. Jariwala, Kanak Manjari and Bharat Rai. 13. Infliction of seedling diseases and biochemical disorders due to storage fungi of the crop seeds/B.K. Prasad, Anand Kishor, Sheo Prasad Singh and Major Kumar. 14. Antimicrobial potentials of some importance spices plants of India/Leena Parihar and A. Bohara. 15. A criticism of Sareen and Wadhwa’s (1981) paper entitled, embryological studies in Papilionaceae: the genus alysicarpus neck-a critical review/S.A. Salgare. 16. Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeial plant resources of capparidaceae/Anand Prakash, Md. Nizamuddin Ansari, Chandan Kr. Singh and Md. Naseem. Index.

The book entitled Biosphere: Forms and Functions, the second volume of Professor B.N. Verma Festschrift series contains 16 articles concerned with heterotrophic fungi, Pteridophytes and higher plants. The ethnomedicinal values of some common vascular cryptogams, the pteridophyte, in the Aravalli ranges of Rajasthan have been discussed. Some horticultural crops and their biotechnological renaissance, plant activity in anaerobic environment under water, reclamation and management of alkali soils and plant diversity in India have been looked into. Developing weevil resistance in an economic plant like sweet potato through tissue culture technique and improvement of protein quality as well as quantity in French bean are important achievements of biotechnology, this has been discussed in details. Antimicrobial activity of spices cultivated in India, Ayurvedic Pharmacopaeial plant resources of Capparidaceae and the role of temperature on plants with special reference to wheat has been enumerated. The seedling diseases due to storage fungi of the crop seeds, the associated metabolic disorders, study of mycoflora in plants belonging to the family umbelliferae and taxonomical as well as ethno mycological observations on edible mushrooms of Arunachal Pradesh have been well described. The structure and behavior of eukaryotic chromosomes in radish and overexploitation of the forest are some of the contributions which have been given due place in this the compendium along with experts criticism over review of embryological studies in the genus Alysicarpus. The book would be useful as textbook to advanced undergraduate students and to postgraduate students and as a reference book to the scientists working on basic as well as the applied aspects of plants.

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