Legislative Drafting (Principles and Techniques)

B.R. Atre, Universal Law Pub, 2017, Fifth edition, xiv, 487 p, ISBN : 9788131250747, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Legislative Drafting (Principles and Techniques)

Apart from the basic principles of the legislative drafting, the book also deals with main parts of the legislation of an Act and their importance drafting of legislation, preparing a legislative scheme before actual drafting of legislations, drafting of Constitutions and subordinate legislation.

The book cover almost all the aspects related to legislative drafting. It is capable of teaching the principles and techniques to one commencing adventurous journey on the path of legislative drafting and practically guiding till the end. This book will be useful to those entrusted with the task of interpreting the laws, for one of the techniques of Interpretation is to peep into the mind of draftsman and appraise oneself of the tools and techniques employed by the draftsman.

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