A Conceptual Approach to Strategic Talent Management

Tapomoy Deb, Indus Pub., 2005, pbk, 192 p, ISBN : 8173871787, $13.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Conceptual Approach to Strategic Talent ManagementContents Preface 1. Overview of Human Resource Management 2. Introduction to Talent Management 3. Business Strategy and Talent Management 4. Benchmarking Talent Management Initiatives 5. Leadership Strategies for Talent Management 6. Developing Talent Management Strategies and Action Plans 7. Talent Management Process 8. Talent Acquisition 9. Integrating Talent 10. Impact of Organizational Environment on Talent Management 11. Driving Talent Management to Performance 12. Developing, Rewarding and Engaging Talent 13. Coaching, Mentoring, and Networking for Talent Management 14. Corporate Restructuring and Talent Management 15. Talent Management Audit 16. Concluding Remarks on Talent Management 17. Experiences with Talent Management Bibliography Index

Today, the whole concept of Talent Management is undergoing major change as a result of the growing economy, advanced technology, new approaches to employment, outsourcing, increasing use of metrics, emerging strategic partnership of CEO and Head ? Human Resources, new legal and ethical issues, diversity, and more.

This book provides broad-based conceptual framework for understanding, measuring and improving all-important focus on Talent Management. It explains how talent management is all about delivering business success through understanding what actually talent means, and how it will achieve the specific goals of the organization. It is about ensuring that the natural talents and aspirations of people are valued. It is about operating people processes that join together not only with each other, but also with the business?s goals. And it is also about under-standing how to manage talented people for alignment as well as ability so that individual aspirations and organizational goals are delivered together resulting in corporate success. This implies that organizations need to create different routes for talents to progress and develop in order to have a pervasive talent mindset? a deep conviction shared by senior leadership that competitive advantage comes from having talent at all levels.

The book will be a valuable guide and an asset to the organizations, HR professionals, managers, employees, job-seekers and students.
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