Journal of Bengal Art : Vol. 15 : 2010

Enamul Haque, International Centre for Study of Bengal Art, 2010, Pbk, 320 p, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Journal of Bengal Art : Vol. 15Contents: 1. Rediscovering Gaur: source material in the public collections of the United Kingdom/Pratip Kumar Mitra. 2. Some reflections on present state of study of Sultanate architecture in Bangladesh/Khoundkar Alamgir. 3. An inscribed image of the Buddhist deity from West Bengal/Noor Bano Sattar. 4. A study of Kantha Art of Bengal: contesting claims of tradition and modernity/Rituparna Basu. 5. Some comments on the seals of Bengal copperplates/Ayoub Khan. 6. Four undeciphered Arab coins: historical derivatives and calligraphic niceties/A.K.M. Yaqub Ali. 7. A unique inscribed image of Varahi from West Bengal/Sudipa Ray Bandyopadhyay. 8. The lotus of sixty-four petals in Charyapada and its iconic representations/Shyamalkanti Chakravarti. 9. Ecology and nature in Islamic culture and its reflection on Islamic art with special attention to architectural calligraphy in Bengal/Mohammad Yusuf Siddiq. 10. Dhanachanguda Plates of Silabhanjadeva Year 2/Subrata Kumar Acharya. 11. Chandi Mura (Lalmai) : architectural heritage of some temples/Ayesha Begum. 12. Archaeological investigations at Bhitargarh in Panchagarh District/Shahnaj Husne Jahan. 11. Christian architecture (Churches) in Barisal, Bangladesh: historic background, spread and architectural style/A.S.M. Aminur Rahman. 12. Symbols on the silver Punch-marked coins found in Bangladesh/Bulbul Ahmed. 13. Art of weaving in ancient Bengal/Zulekha Haque. 14. The influence of Bengal on Mughal Painting/Shamir Isha. 15. Excavation at Moghalmari: a pre-pala Buddhist Monastic complex/Ashok Datta. 16. Roof of early architectures of Bangladesh: material, technique, pattern etc, from 4th century BCE to 12th century CE/Nasir Uddin Mobin. Publications of ICSBA.
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