Advances in Medicinal Plants

Sandhya Agrawal, Oxford Book Company, 2009 , 309 p, ISBN : 8189473693, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advances in Medicinal Plants

Contents: 1. Current Status of Medicinal Plants. 2. Cultivation of Medicinal Plants. 3. Bioprospecting of Medicinal Plants. 4.  Medicinal Plants and Health Care. 5. Wild Harvesting of Medicinal Plants. 6. Conservation of Medicinal Plants. 7. Heritage of Indian Medicinal Plants. 8. Quality Control of Plant based Medicines. 9. Industrial Utilisation of Medicinal Plants. 10. International Trade in Medicinal Plants. 11.  Medicinal Plants and Intellectual Property Rights. 12. Medicinal Plants Information Databases.

The  present book aims to acquaint readers with the advances that have been taking place in the field of medicinal plants particularly within the context of new age medicines.The book delineates not just conventional practices techniques and treatments associated with medicinal plants but also gives space to understand the challenges and issues and how current trends and advances are making progress to address them.

The book also brings within its purview the use in history of medicinal plants its progress and decline the competition faced from allopathic drug treatment with an emphasis on its continuity and contemporary revival.

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