Account of Koonawur in the Himalaya

Alexander Gerard, Indus, 1993, Reprint, 352 p, ISBN : 8173870004, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Account of Koonawur in the HimalayaContents Book I 1. Boundaries 2. Extent 3. Divisions 4. Population 5. Statement of the Area and Population 6. Face of the Country 7. Mountains 8. Valleys 9. Hungrung 10. etc Book II 1. Face of the Country 2. Climate and Seasons 3. Productions 4. Tartars 5. Dress 6. Shepherds 7. Religion 8. Villages 9. Temples 10. etc Journal of a Survey from Soobathoo to Rarung--1817 Narrative of the Journey in --1818 Appendix Table 1. Latitudes observed in the hills Table 2. Heights by Trigonometry, in feet Table 3. Heights by Barometrical observations, in feet Table 4. Heights by Barometr, 1821, in feet Table 5. Comparison of Barometrical Heights above Soobathoo, in feet Table 6. Limits of Trees, in feet

This book is a mine of information on the enchanting land of Kinnaur and adjoining areas in the Himalaya. It coverse diverse subjects such as geography, history, population, mountains and passes, rivers and valley, agriculture and vegetation, wildlife, people and their customs, religion, tribes and languages, Economy and places.

The appendix consists of several very valuable tables of latitudes, Barometrical observation and a short note on the limits of trees in the Himalaya.
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