Advantages Of Re-Marriage In Dalit Castes

Akansha Chaudhary and Neelam Kunwar, Discovery Publishing House, 2011, 114 p, ISBN : 9788183568715, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advantages Of Re-Marriage In Dalit CastesDalit women suffered unimaginable oppression not only through caste, but gender too. This books on dalits goes back into past and looks at the history of dalit alienation, issues like economical problem, re-marriage, social security etc find description in the book. Dalit women do develop several imaginative strategies for earning conserving and stretching their income. The book enlightens us on such things in a country where constitution guarantees equal rights and privileges to every citizen.

The utility of this book for scholars and researchers, extension work, social activities and welfare organisations in definitive.
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