Across Peaks and Passes in Garhwal Himalaya

Harish Kapadia, Indus, 1999, 237 p, 15 maps, 59 col. and b/w plates, ISBN : 8173870977, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Across Peaks and Passes in Garhwal HimalayaContents List of Illustrations My Himalaya: An Introduction 1. A Brief Mountaineering Survey of Garhwal 2. Central Garhwal 3. A Trek from Central Garhwal to Kumaun 4. The Valley of Flowers 5. Trekking in Three Valleys near Badrinath 6. A Trek to Rupkund, Jatropani and Gona Lake 7. Tragedy of Bethartoli Himal 8. Gangotri Region 9. A Trek in the Lake District of Garhwal 10. Explorations and Climbs in the Mana Gad 11. Mountain of Victory: Sudarshan Parvat 12. Western Garhwal 13. Trekking in the Abode of Shiva 14. Trek to Har-ki-doon and Ruinsara Lake 15. Climbing Black Serpent Appendices 1. Regions and History of the Indian Himalaya 2. A Note on Climbing Mountains in India 3. Major Passes in Garhwal 4. Major River Valleys in Garhwal 5. Nomenclature and Notes 6. Major Peaks in Garhwal 7. Major Road Distances in Garhwal Select Bibliography Index

Garhwal is called Devbhoomi--land of the gods. The temples in Garhwal attract many pilgrims. For those interested in its mountains, bugiyals and passes, the location of these temples allow easy access. Nowhere it is more evident than in Garhwal where unexplored valleys exist side by side with places visited by generations of the devout.

The area of the Western Garhwal can be called Gibson territory as a testimony to his training of young Indian mountaineers there. They also learnt about the flowers of Har-ki-doon, the birds in the Tons valley and the culture of Garhwal. A lost is yet to be explored in Garhwal. Several valleys await visitors in spite of the rush of pilgrims, like north of Badrinath. Popular routes, as to Rupkund or Har-ki-doon, or very high peaks, Garhwal has them all. The memories of climbing peaks like Bethertoli Himal, or camping on Bedni bugiyal or boating on the blue water of the Gona lake, had fuelled interest of many in the Garhwal Himalaya.

This book is based on author's several visits to Garhwal, exploring its valleys and climbing peaks. It concentrates most valuably on extremely rewarding summits, unknown passes and remote valleys, which have been hitherto neglected due to lack of information or difficulty of access.

Complete with several maps, illustrated with many photographs, tables of road distances and trek routes, this book is an exhaustive reference work on this area. The author's experience in Garhwal takes one to transformation of Garhwal from an ancient civilisation to a tourist destination. The book will be essential reference for all travellers, trekkes, mountaineers and historians interested in Garhwal or as a simple armchair travelogue.
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