British Garhwal : A Gazetteer

H.G. Walton, Indus, 1994, Reprint, xxxiii, 222 p, folded map, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

British Garhwal : A Gazetteer

Contents Chapter I. Boundaries and Area Rivers Mountains Geology and Minerals Forests Fauna Cattle Climate and Rainfall Chapter II. Cultivation Crops Prices and Wagas Food Trade Weights and measures Communications Chapter III. Population Religions Castes Occupations Habitations Social systems Customs Domestic economy The pilgrimage Condition of the people Famines Language Tenured Landed Proprietore Chapter IV. Administration Fiscal History Waste Land Gunth Sadabart Police and crime Excise District Board Education Medical Chapter V. History Directore Tehri State Appendix Index

This volume is a revision of those parts of Mr. Atkinso's Himalayan Gazetteer which refer to the Garhwal district. The sources of my information have been chiefly that work and Mr. Pauw's Settlement report, supplemented to a small extent by personal enquiries.

This Gazetteer gives all-round important information relating to British Garhwal. An excusive chapter has also been devoted to the Tehri State. Useful data have been added in the appendices.

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