Across Peaks and Passes in Darjeeling and Sikkim

Harish Kapadia, Indus, 2001, 176 p, 11 maps, 67 col. and b/w plates, ISBN : 8173871264, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Across Peaks and Passes in Darjeeling and Sikkim

Contents Preface List of Illustrations My Himalaya: An Introduction 1. Introduction to the Sikkim Himalaya 2. History of Major Peaks in Darjeeling, Sikkim and the Eastern Himalaya 3. Personalities and Institutions 4. My Visit to Darjeeling (By Geeta Kapadia) 5. Forty Years of the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling 6. Zemu Glacier and North Sikkim 7. Kangchenjunga Massif: A Brief History 8. A Trek to the Singalila Ridge Appendices 1. Regions and History of the Indian Himalaya 2. A Note on Climbing Mountains in India 3. Special Rules Regarding Expeditions in Sikkim 4. Peaks in Sikkim Open for Climbing 5. List of Major Peaks and Passes in Sikkim and Darjeeling Areas 6. Unclimbed Virgin Peaks above 7000 m in the Indian Himalaya (2000) 7. Notes and Nomenclature 8. List of Major Passes in the Sikkim Himalaya 9. Major Road Distances in Darjeeling and Sikkim 10. Major River Valleys in Darjeeling and Sikkim Select Bibliography Index

The Sikkim Himalaya were one of the first Himalayan range to be explored during the early period. It contains some magnificent flora and fauna and that was the first attraction to visit the valley. Many of the pre-war Everest expeditions passed through northern valleys of Sikkim en route to Tibet. The valleys and peaks of Sikkim are lovely to trek in.

The centre piece of the Sikkim Himalaya is certainly the Kangchenjung range, with the main peak beging the third highest peak in the world. Visits to this range opened up several interesting trekking routes.

This book is based on author's several visits to Darjeeling and Sikkim, exploring its valleys and climbing the peaks. It concentrates most valuably on extremely rewarding summits, unknown passes and remote valley, which have been hitherto neglected due to lake of information or difficulty of access.

Complete with several maps, illustrated with many photographs, tables of road distances and trek routes, this book is an exhaustive reference work on this area. The author's experience in Darjeeling and Sikkim takes one to trans formation of this area from an ancient civilisation to a tourist destination. The book will be an essential reference for all travellers, trekkers, mountaineers and historians interested in Darjeeling and Sikkim or as a simple armchair travelogue.

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