A Handbook of Livestock Management Techniques

Archana Ruhela, Oxford Book Company, 2008 , 300 p, ISBN : 8189473372, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introduction. 1. Stockraiser Rights. 2. Veterinary Regime. 3. The Neglect of Alternative Agriculture. 4. Intensification of Livestock Production. 5. The Path of Technological Change in Agriculture. 6. The Emergence of Small Animal Practice. 7. Increasing Exploitation.

Modern livestock management techniques seek to minimize human involvement Increase yield and improv animal health. Economy quality and consumer safety all play a role in raising animals. Drug use and feed supplements may be regulated/prohibited to ensure that yield is not increased at the expense of consumer health safety or animals welfare.

The present book is intended to be a guide that provides the details of useful complete. accurate and safe procedures for performing the livestock management techniques Complete in coverage it present techniques and discussion for managing all types of animals including beef cattle general cattle sheep goats and poultry from breeding and conception through their useful life cycle. As such the book is of tremendous utility lo framers and livestock professionals.

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