Asia 2030 : The Unfolding Future

Edited by Ajey Lele, Namrata Goswami and Rumel Dahiya, Lancer, 2010, ISBN : 9781935501224, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

This book is an effort to understand how the future will unfold in Asia 2030. It is important to examine whether Asian states will continue with the present pace of their economic growth or lose momentum and undo the change occurring today at the regional and systematic level of international politics. This book has addressed issues ranging from air-power, cyber security, climate change, ballistic missile defence to geo-political and regional issues pertaining to East Asia, South East Asia and South Asia. Based primarily on the method of scenario building, this book is an attempt to discuss the future of critical issues related to security and the international relations of Asia in 2030.

The book deals with the Strategic Futures in Asia, pertaining to issues of thematic significance, like future of aerospace-power, trends in the technological development of ballistic missiles defences, and the future of the internet. It also provides a vivid future description on matters of geo-political significance like economics, demography, water resources, nuclear issues, climate change and the environment, governance, and state relation. Given its wide expanse and insightful future analysis on issues of significance particularly to Asia, it attempts to fill some of the critical gaps in the domain of future studies in India.

This document is an attempt by a team of IDSA scholars to look at the past and present trends concerning some critical issues, which will be of importance to determine the future. Scenario building exercise, within the limits of their understanding of the subject, is attempted to forecast the likely outcomes.

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