46 + 14 = 06: A Story of a Genius : A Fiction by an NIDian

Ravikiran and Sapna, Maitreya, 2011, ISBN : 9788192022116, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

46 + 14 = 06: A Story of a Genius : A Fiction by an NIDian

46+14=06, a story of a genius called Rohan, who was rejected by eleven schools…who gets 1 mark out of 100 in physics…who clicks pictures instead of writing his final exam…who gets into India’s premier design school… A story of a boy who has a dream and believes in his dream…

...To see the dream, to believe in that dream you need to have the courage to face failure…The bigger the dream, the bigger the risk of being a failure. But then, what is life without a dream?...

A book for everyone who has a dream and wants to live that dream.

About the Authors: Ravikiran has studied English Literature at Loyola College, Chennai and Advertising and Marketing at Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai. He has written this book while studying Photography Design at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Sapna is Ravikiran’s friend and mom. She is a classical dancer and writes on Indian Classical dance.


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