Fabric Structure And Design

N. Gokarneshana, New Age International , 2008, Reprint, 170 p, ISBN : 8122424706, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Looms and Loom Mechanisms. 2. Woven Design Fundamentals. 3. Plain Weaves. 4. Twill Weaves. 5. Honey Comb Weaves. 6. Huck a Back Weaves. 7. Crepe Weaves. 8.   Bedford Cords. 9.  Welts and Piques. 10. Mock Leno Weaves. 11. Backed Fabrics. 12. Pile Fabrics. 13. Extra Warp and Extra Weft Figured Fabrics. 14. Double Cloths. 15. Basic Aspects of Colour and its Effects on Weaves. 16. Special Jacquards. 17. Fabric Relationships and Cloth Geometry.

The second edition of the book has added valuable chapters that cater to the syllabi requirements of universities and polytechnics offering textile technology course. The response to the first edition has been overwhelming and hence the author is motivated to bring out the second edition. A critical review and appreciation of the book by eminent technologist Prof. V.K. Kothari of Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi as appeared in the book review column of the Indian Journal of Fibers and Textile Research has added much value to the book. Corrections have been made to the existing edition wherever necessary.

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