Cultural and Religious Heritage of India (8 Vols-Set)
Edited by Suresh K. Sharma and Usha Sharma, Mittal, 2004, clxiv, 2714 p, 8 Vols, ISBN : 8170999553, Price : $209.00
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Cultural and Religious Heritage of India (8 Vols-Set)

Contents: Vol. I: Hinduism: 1. What is Hinduism?/T.M.P. Mahadevan. 2. Hinduism/S. Hanumantha Rao. 3. Hinduism--its fundamental teachings/Govinda Das. 4. Hinduism/Monier Williams. 5. The Hindu religion/James Forbes. 6. Hinduism/Flora Annie Steel. 7. Hinduism/Nicol Macnicol. 8. Religion/Har Bilas Sarda. 9. Development of Hinduism and the doctrine of triple manifestation (Tri-Murti)/Monier Williams. 10. Hinduism/Louis Renou. 11. The Hindu Dharma/James Bissett. 12. Hindu view of life/Mahabir Pershad Gupta. 13. The Hindu faith/T.L. Vaswani. 14. Hinduism/Swami Sambudhanand. 15. The essentials of Hinduism/J..N. Farquhar. 16. The heart of Hinduism/S. Radhakrishnan. 17. Religion and society/K.M. Pannikar. 18. The Hindu Dharma/S. Radhakrishnan. 19. On Hinduism/C. Rajagopalachari. 20. The essence of Hinduism/M.K. Gandhi. 21. By meaning of Sanatana Hinduism/M.K. Gandhi.  Bibliography. Index.

Vol. II: Jainism: 1. Jainism--a familyhood of all religions/Kaka Kalelkar. 2. History of Jainism/N.R. Guseva. 3. Jainism/Monier Williams. 4. Jainism/Annie Besant. 5. Jainism-the relgiion of Mahavira, the conqueror/Joseph Gaer. 6. Jainism--historical summary/Sinclair Stevenson. 7. Historical and ethnical roots of Jainism/N.R. Guseva. 8. The Jains/James Bissett. 9. The Jains/J.N. Farquhar. 10. The religion of the Jainas/Walther Schubring. 11. The life of Mahavira/Sinclair Stevenson. 12. Mahavira and his religion/S.Radhakrishnan. 13. Jainism/Louis Renou. 14. Jaina worship and religious customs/Sinclair Stevenson. 15. Jainism/Hermann Jacobi. 16. Jaina Mythology/Sinclair Stevenson. 17. Antiquity and history/Mohan Lal Mehta. 18. The ancient Jain temples, Ajmer/James Tod. 19. The sacred mountain/Joseph Dalton Hooker. 20. Sect of Jainas/H.T. Colebrooke. 21. Introduction to Jaina philosophy/Sinclair Stevenson. 22. Modern period of the development of Jainism/N.R. Guseva. 23. Jainism and modern life/C.C. Shah. 24. The great scriptures of Jains/Indra Chandra Shastri. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. III: Buddhism: 1. Buddha and his religion/S. Radhakrishnan. 2. Buddha/Sister Nivedita and Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. 3. The Buddha/Subhadra Bhikkhu. 4. Buddha/Arthur Lillie. 5. Buddhism--the religion of the enlightened one/Joseph Gaer. 6. Origin of Buddhism/P.L. Vaidya. 7. Buddhism/Anagarika Dharmapala. 8. Buddhism--the southern school/Bhikshu Punnananda. 9. On Buddha and Buddhism/Rabindranath Tagore. 10. The rationality of Buddhism/P. Lakshmi Narasu. 11. Lord Buddha--how would he solve our world problems?/Sophia Wadia. 12. Gautama the Buddha/S. Radhakrishnan. 13. The life of Buddha/G.F. Maine. 14. The teachings of the Buddha/W.S. Barlingway. 15. The Foundation of Buddhism/Reginald Stephen Copleston. 16. Buddhism and modern thought/Keshav Appa Padhye. 17. India and Buddhism/Herman Oldenberg. 18. Buddha and modern India/Sophia Wadia. 19. The great Sanchi Congregation/N. Rajamani. 20. Sites of Asoka's edicts. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. IV: Christianity: 1. Origins of Christianity in India (1-6 century)/A.M. Mundadan. 2. The rise and growth of Christianity in India/C.E. Abraham. 3. Christians in India/Frederick V. Moore. 4. Indigenous expression of Christianity in India/S. Jesudason. 5. Christianity in India/S.K. Datta. 6. Medieval Christianity in India--the Eastern Church/E.R. Hambye. 7. Akbar and Christianity/Antonio Monserrate. 8. The Armenian Christians in India/E.R. Hambye. 9. Malabar Christians/James Forbes. 10. The Catholic Church in India since the mid-nineteenth century/Achilles Meersman. 11. Christian Missions in India/James Bissett. 12. Christianity--Roman Catholicism/John A. Francis (N.N. Ghose). 13. Christianity (Protestantism)--the Christian faith; its founder and his message/Herbert Anderson. 14. Protestant Christianity in India since 1858/T.V. Philip. 15. Christianity (Pentecostal league)/Samuel A. Chisholm. 16. The contribution of Keshub to modern Christian thought/G. Howells. 17. Christian participation in political life. 18. Christianity--its economy and way of life/J.C. Kumarappa. 19. Christian participation in building a new society. 20. Cultural foundations--the Christian contribution. 21. New trends in Indian Christianity/M.P. Christianand Pillai. 22. The new testament/D.S. Ramachandra Rao. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. V: Islam: 1. Mohammed the prophet/Syed Ameer Ali. 2. Islam--its aims and scope/Mirza Abul-Fazl. 3. Islam--its teachings/Khuda Bakhsh. 4. Islam in India/Humayun Kabir. 5. Islam/Annie Besant. 6. The Islamic revival/Mohamed Ali. 7. Islamic law and theology in India--proposals for a fresh approach/Asaf A.A. Fyzee. 8. The religious spirits of Islam/Syed Ameer Ali. 9. Islam in its Hindu environment/Murray T. Titus. 10. Islam in India/R. Rahatullah Khan. 11. The Mohammedans/James Bissett. 12. Islam and Indian thought/S. Rdhakrishnan. 13. The solidarity of Islam/Jawaharlal Nehru. 14. Mysticism in Islam/Tara Chand. 15. Sufi movement/Abdus Subhan. 16. Sufism/Hira Lall. 17. Sufi movement in India/Mir Valiuddin. 18. The Holy Quran/S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. VI: Sikhism: 1. Sikh religion/Raja Sir Daljeet Singh. 2. Sikhism/Gobind Singh Mansukhani. 3. The glory of Sikhism/Kartar Singh. 4. The Sikh religion/Gopal Singh. 5. Sikhism/Annie Besant. 6. Sikhism/Rup Singh. 7. The miracle of Sikhism/Jodh Singh. 8. Sikhism/Rup Singh. 9. The Khalsa--a universal brotherhood/Teja Singh. 10. The advent of Sikhism/Shaikh Walayat Ahmad. 11. Religion and religious life as conceived by Guru Nanak/Jodh Singh. 12. Nanak Panthis or the Sikh and Sikhism, of the 17 century/Ganda Singh. 13. Sikhs/A.E. Barstow. 14. The Sikh Gurus/George Batley. 15. Life of Guru Nanak. 16. Nanak--the Guru of the Sikhs/Sophia Wadia.17. Guru Nanak/Tara Chand. 18. Guru Granth Sahab/Gobind Singh Mansukhani. 19. Adi Granth and the Sikh religion/S. Radhakrishnan. 20. Evolution of the Sikh character/Gurbachan Singh. 21. Guru Nanak's views on God. 22. A prayer. 23. The Sikh way of life/Gobind Singh Mansukhani. 24. Religious instruction in a Sikh institution/Giyan Singh Khandpur. 25. Guru Nanak's views on caste. 26. Caste and untouchability/Jodh Singh. 27. Forms and symbols/Teja Singh. 28. Sikh ceremonies/Gobind Singh Mansukhani. 29. Child naming and initiating ceremony/Jogendra Singh. 30. Anand marriage/Jogendra Singh. 31. The Amrit ceremony or Sikh Baptism/Jogendra Singh. 32. The preparation of Karah Parshad (Sacred Food)/Jogendra Singh. 33. A Sikh citizen. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. VII: Zoroastrianism: 1. Zoroaster/Dosabhai Framji Karaka. 2. Zoroastrianism revelation considered as a source of religious knowledge--with special reference to the Zoroastrian religion/Dhanjishah Meherjibhai Madan. 3. Historical Sketch/Dosabhai Framji Karaka. 4. The Parsees/James Bissett. 5. Zoroastrianism/Jivanji Jamshedji Modi. 6. Parsis of ancient India/Shahpurji Kavasji Hodivala. 7. Parsees in British India/Maria Graham. 8. Distinguished parsis of Gujarat/Dosabhai Framji Karaka. 9. The Zoroastrians in India--their manners and customs/Dosabhai Framji Karaka. 10. A brief sketch of the zoroastrian religion and customs/Ervad Sheriarji Dadabhai Bharucha. 11. The religious system of the parsees/Jivanji Jamshedji Modi. 12. The marriage ceremony of the parsees/Jivanji Jamshedji Modi. 13. The parsi marriage and Divorce Act. 1865. 14. The Parsi succession act. 15. The Parsi chattels real act. 16. Dadabhai Naoroji. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. VIII: Cultural and religious reform movements: 1. The Bhakti and reformist movements/S. Hanumantha Rao. 2. The Kabir Panthis and the Sikhs/James Bissett. 3. Swami Prannath and the Pranami religious movement in the 17 century Bundelkhand/Bhagwandas Gupta. 4. The significance of Lord Prannath's message for the present day/Murli Das Dhami and P. Krishnamurty Iyer. 5. An appraisal of the Wahabi movement/Qeyamuddin Ahmad. 6. The Brahmo Samaj or Theism in India/Ram Mohun Roy and Keshub Chunder Sen. 7. The faith of the Brahma Samaj/G.Y. Chitnis. 8. Brahmoism--the spirit and principles of the new dispensation/Benoyendra Nath Sen. 9. A historical sketch of the Brahmo Samaj/Hem Chandra Sarkar. 10. The Brahmo Samaj and the Arya Samaj/James Bissett. 11. The Radhasoamis and theosophists/James Bissett. 12. The Prarthana Samaj/J.V. Naik. 13. The ideals of the Prarthana Samaj/Y.V. Bhandarkar. 14. The position of the Prarthana Samaj in the religious world/R.G. Bhandarkar. 15. The Prarthana Samaj and the national social conference/V.A. Narain. 16. The Singh Sabha movement/Avtar Singh. 17. The United Lodge of Theosophists--its Mission and its future. 18. Theosophy--the source/Sophia Wadia. 19. Theosophy--the summation/Sophia Wadia. 20. The test of the Arya Samaj/Bhai Parmanand. 21. The Arya Samaj Movement and its social contents/Sri Ram Sharma. 22. The Arya Samaj/Pandit Champuti. 23. The Ramakrishna movement/K.R. Sundararajan. Bibliography. Index.

"From the beginning of history, religion has been admittedly the most vital force in shaping the human civilization at various developmental stages. India has been the home of religions and diverse schools of philosophical thought from time immemorial. As the great thinker, Havelock Ellis, said, "Religion grows in  India as wild flowers in the forest". It is thus we have a hoary tradition of saints, seers, prophets, etc., who gave us the Vedas, the Puranas and other religious scriptures through the ages. From them have sprung up numerous religions according to the genius and philosophic bent of the founders.

All the religions aim at giving solace and peace to mind and become a boon to their followers. Through a disciplined mind and body and the golden rule of moderation, all religions, in essence, teach us to be good, dutiful, law abiding and, humane. All religions highlight the brotherhood of man. Yet the world is divided into varying camps. This could be avoided if the fundamental tenets of various religions are carried out by the people in all possible ways. The present volumes may meet this long-felt need of the present day man." (jacket)

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