Social Change and Restructuring Africa (7 Parts-Set)
Edited by Sir Hans Singer; Neelambar Hatti and Rameshwar Tandon, B R Pub, 2007, lxxxiv, 2272 p, 7 vols, tables, boxes, figs, ISBN : 8176465070, Price : $220.00
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Social Change and Restructuring Africa (7 Parts-Set)

Contents: Acknowledgements. Contributors. Introduction. Part I. A. Social development and renaissance: 1. Governance and policy in Africa: recent experiences/Abdalla Hamdok. 2. Economic growth and poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa/Gary Moser and Toshihiro Ichida. 3. African renaissance in the new millennium? from Anarchy to emerging markets/Timothy M. Shaw and Julius E. Nyong Oro. 4. Social development in Africa: a focus on people/Paul Streeten. 5. Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa/Dhareshwar Ghura and Michalel T. Hadjmichel. 6. Africa's economic performance: limitations of the current consensus/John Sender.

Part II. B. Savings and growth tragedy: 7. Explaining African economic performance/Paul Collier and Jan Willem Gunning. 8. Governance and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa/Benno J. Ndulu and Stephen A. O' Connell. 9. Africa's growth tragedy: policies and ethnic divisions/William Easterly and Ross Levine. 10. Economic growth and its components in African nations/James H. Gapinski. 11. Macroeconomic adjustment and poverty in Africa: an emerging picture/Lionel Demery and Lyn Squire. 12. Can Africa's saving collapse be reversed/Ibrahim A. Elbadawi and Francis M. Mwega.

Part III. C. Structural adjustment--regional dimensions: 13. The macroeconomics of adjustment in Sub-Saharan African countries: results and lessons/Ishrat Husain. 14. Food aid and structural adjustment in Sub-Saharan Africa/Hans Singer. 15. Things fall again: structural adjustment programs in Sub-Saharan Africa/J. Barry Riddel. 16. Regional dimensions of structural adjustment in West Africa/Uka Ezenwe. 17. The international political economy of structural adjustment: the case of Mozambique/Hans Abrahamsson. D. Alternatives to structural adjustment policies: 18. Structural adjustment and national environmental strategies: what interactions? notes from Namibia/Reginald Herbold Green. 19. Constructing alternatives to structural adjustment in Africa/Padraing Carmody. 20. Structural adjustment in Africa: a performance review of World Bank policies under uncertainty in commodity price trends: the case of Ghana/Tetteh A. Kofi. 21. What do the World Bank's poverty assessment teach us about poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa/Luica C. Hanmer, Graham Pyatt and Howard White. 22. The IMF, the World Bank and Africa's adjustment and external debt problems: un unofficial view/G.K. Helleiner.

Part IV. E. Social dimensions of adjustment: 23. The Social Dimensions of Adjustment (SDA) program in Zimbabwe: a critical review and assessment/Guy C.Z. Mhone. 24. Africa, 1975-1995: The political economy of boom, decline, conflict, survival and revival/Reginald Herbold Green. 25. Reduction of absolute poverty: a priority structural adjustment/Reginald Herbold Green. 26. Progressive academic economists and the challenge of development in South Africa's decade of liberation/Vishnu Padayachee. 27. Structural adjustment and multiple modes of social livelihood in Nigeria/Abdul Raufu Mustapha.

Part V. F. Trade, aid and good governance: 28. Aid, taxation and development: analytical perspectives on aid effectiveness in Sub-Saharan Africa/Christopher S. Adam and Stephen A. O'Connell. 29. Foreign direct investment in Africa: policies also matter/Jacques Morisset. 30. Trade, aid and investment in Sub-Saharan Africa/Ishrat Husain. 31. Good governance and trade policy: are they keys to Africa's global integration and growth?/Francis Ng and Alexander Yeats. 32. What can be expected from African regional trade arrangements?: some empirical evidence/Alexander J. Yeats. 33. Free trade between South Africa and the European Union: a quantitative analysis/Lorenza Jachia and Ethel Telieur.

Part VI. G. Trade liberalization and economic decline: 34. Import dependency and structural adjustment in Sub-Saharan Africa/Ramon E. Lopez and Vinod Thomas. 35. Trade compression and economic decline in Sub-Saharan Africa/Peter Svedberg. 36. Assessment of trade liberalisation in Sub-Saharan Africa/Andri Koperschmidt and Jacint Soler Matutes. 37. Adjustment, trade policy and investment Slumps: evidence from Africa/David Fielding. 38. Sectoral macroeconomic and industrial trade policies: measuring their effects on agricultural incentives and distortions in Africa and Asia/Maurice Schiff. H. Monetary cooperation in Africa: 39. Will the Euro trigger more monetary unions in Africa?/Patrick Honohan and Philip R. Lane. 40. Will the Euro create a Bonaza for Africa?/Daniel Cohen, Nicolai Kristensen and Dorte Verner. 41. Operational issues related to the functioning on interbank foreign exchange markets in selected African countries/Calvin McDonald and Yin-Fun Lum. I. Social change and marginalization: 42. Good governance and economic development: new foundations for growth in Africa/Karl Wohlmuth. 43. The evolution of economic policymaking in Africa/Jerome M. Wolgin. 44. Economic restructuring, coping strategies and social change: implications for institutional development in Africa/Yusuf Bangura. 45. Risks of further marginalization of Sub-Saharan Africa in international trade/S.M. Shafaeddin.

Part VII. J. Growth, rent-seeking and corruption: 46. Role of industrialisation of development of Sub-Saharan Africa: a critique of World Bank's approach/Suranjit K. Saha. 47. High-level rent-seeking and corruption in African regimes: theory and cases/Jacqueline Coolidge and Susan Rose Ackerman. 48. System of disparate exchange: African experiences/Peter Custers. 49. On the origins of the economic catastrophe in Africa/Samir Amin. 50. Economic fluctuations and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: the importance of import instability/Augustin Kwasi Fosu. 51. Skills, investment and exports from manufacturing firms in Africa/Mans Sodesbom and Francis Teal. 52. New Directions in economic policy/Vishnu Padayachee, Terence Smith and Imraan Valodia. 53. The new international financial architecture and Africa/Francoise Le Gall and Saleh M. Nsouli. 54. Options for regional integration in Southern Africa/David Evans. Index.

"In Africa, more than a decade of economic reforms produced a few cases of renewed growth as also optimism. Of course, all countries in the region, which were, confronted with several constraints e.g. low human capital development, inadequate infrastructure, rapid population growth etc. Growth and development require a predictable regulatory framework and transparent public administration along with an independent judiciary. All these are necessary for securing legitimacy of state.

Of various structural adjustment programs launched as per advice of the World Bank and IMF, serious social costs were observed. In recent years, significant progress has been observed along with several ongoing conflicts.

It is for state to held create growth-enhancing environment. Various reform programs were launched by the donors as per the Washington consensus view based on traditional wisdom of the U.S. Treasury, IMF and World Bank and not on any serious analysis of African performance." (jacket)

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