Empowerment of Women Through Science and Technology Interventions
Edited by Nirupama Prakash, Betty McLellan and Barbara Wejnert, Regency Pub, 2010, 300 p, tables, plates, ISBN : 8189233629, Price : $60.00
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Empowerment of Women Through Science and Technology Interventions

Contents: Foreword/Elzbieta Sawa-Czajka. Foreword/Eunice Rodriguez. Preface/Nirupama Prakash, Betty McLellan and Barbara Wejnert. Introduction/Arun P. Kulshreshtha. I. Gender perspectives in science and technology: issues and challenges: 1. Areas of weaknesses, obstacles and challenges to economic empowerment of women in developing countries: Botswana's current status/Gloria Tiny Seittei. 2. Career barriers for women engineers in Europe: transferability for developing countries/Felizitas Sagebiel. 3. Gender in Indian science and technology: recognition of excellence/Pranav N. Desai. 4. Women, science and technology: an overview from Indonesia/Aisyiyah Jenie. 5. The position of women in contemporary Iran/Akram Ghadimi. 6. Taking action of empower Women Scientists and Technologists Through Women in Science and Technology Network (WISTNET) in Malawi/Meya Patricia Kalindekafe and Symon Osman Mandala. 7. The status of women in Engineering in South Africa and the efforts of SAWomEng to facilitate the absorption and retention of females in the engineering sector/Naadiya Moosajee. 8. The current status of women scientists in Sri Lanka/P.R.M.P. Dilrukshi and Seetha I. Wickremasinghe. 9. Gender, science and technology in Tanzania: a situation analysis/Rose Rita Kingamkono. 10. Gender Challenges in science and technology in democracies and transitional democracies/Barbara Wejnert. 11. Country report on Mauritius/Shamima Abdul Carrim Delbar. II. Women development: technology as a tool for empowering women: 12. ICT as a tool for empowering women: a case study of rural Rajasthan/Nirupama Prakash. 13. Reaching the un-reached: technology model for women's empowerment and sustainable development/Vinita Sharma. 14. Women empowerment to women capabilities: bridging the gap/Kavita Mehra. 15. Science and women empowerment in Iran/Shokouh Navabinejad. 16. Content analysis of web logs: perspectives young Iranian females/Zohreh Nosrat Kharazmi. 17. Economic empowerment of Malaysian women through science and technology: identifying issues, providing solutions/Poh Sze Choo. 18. Empowerment of women through science and technology interventions in Myanmar/Khin Htike Htike Lwin. 19. Empowerment of Nepalese women through science and technology intervention in Nepal/Kayo Devi Yami. 20. Various mechanisms used by "Vidatha" Technology transfer programme for economic empowerment of rural women through S&T Interventions/Jayasamara Gunarathne. 21. Production of low-cost complementary foods using locally grown foods in Tanzania: an economic empowerment of women/Rose Rita Kingamkono. 22. Empowering women through science and technology interventions: the case for Zambia/Atridah Mulonga.

"Market economy trends in the new era of globalization have widened the gap between education and technology opportunities for men and women. Women are a great human resource and their role in the society is vital for its progress. The involvement and engagement of women in the present day Information society on an equal footing with men would directly contribute to improving the livelihood of people, making it more sustainable and thereby promoting the social and economic advancement of societies.

Science and Technology brings economic growth and well being to people. Undoubtedly, science and technology can be vastly enriched through women's involvement, which closely links to the empowerment of women through science and technology. It is not the concern of one nation only, but there are many players and stakeholders in the aim to reach this millennium goal. Women empowerment may be through innovative scientific activities, integrating action oriented literacy, sound micro-finance and micro-enterprise training as well as an understanding of legal rights and advocacy. Apart from the efforts of the United Nations family of organizations, multilateral bodies and civil society, the positive role of women also depends on the supportive attitudes of their local family unit, the local community in each village and town.

This book is primarily based on the deliberations of the International Workshop on empowerment of women through science and technology interventions held in Tehran, Iran from 14-16 December, 2008, but a number of articles have been contributed by other eminent experts on the subject. This material is expected to contribute to the understanding of how science and technology can contribute to the upliftment of the status of women and can empower them to gain their rightful place in the society. The date and materials presented in this volume would hopefully serve as a reference material for the professionals working in the field of women's empowerment." (jacket)

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