Adjustment and Liberalization in the Third World : New World Order Series: Volume 12
H.W. Singer, Neelamber Hatti and Rameshwar Tandon, Indus Pub., 1991, 842 p, ISBN : 8185182566, Price : $0.00
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Adjustment and Liberalization in the Third World : New World Order Series: Volume 12Contents Introduction Acknowledgements Contributors Part A Development Policy and Structural Adjustment 1. Basic Development Policy Questions on Structural Adjustment Programs: Adjustment as if People Mattered 2. Richard Gerster Food Aid and Structual Adjustment Lending 3. H.W. Singer Adjustment with Growth and the Role of the IMF 4. Ariel Buira Structural Adjustment: A Survey of the Issues and Options 5. Paul Streeten Structural Adjustment and Long Term Development in Sub-Saharan Africa/G.K. Helleiner Part B World Recession and International Imbalances 6. Development at the Turn of the Century 7. Graciela Chichilnisky Revolution and the Third World 8. Samir Amin American Roulette in the Globonomic Casino: Retrospect and Prospect on the World Economic Crisis Today/Andre Gunder Frank Part C Adjustment and Interdependence 9. Developing Countries Debt Problems and Growth Prospects 10. Anne O. Krueger Adjustment and Interdependence: The Challenge to Conditionality 11. Manuel Guitian Adjustment with IMF Lending 12. George M. Von Furstenberg Stabilization and Adjustment/Paul Streeten Part D Policies for Reform 13. Selective Policies Under a Structural Foreign Exchange Shortage 14. Ricardo Ffrench Davis and Manuel Marfan Some Repressed Aspects of the Case for Financial Reform in LDCs 15. William Darity Jr. and Bobbie L. Horn Stabilization, Adjustment and Basic Needs in SSA: Annotated Jottings Towards an Agenda 16. Reginald Herbold Green Sovereign Debts, Unilateral Adjustment and Multilateral Control: The New Way to Serfdom/Kunibert Raffer Part E The US, Britain and Japan 17. Japan's Embarrassment of Rihes 18. H.W. Singer The United States, Britain and International Development 19. Paul Streeten Real Causes of the Japanese Imbalance/Frederick Victor Meyer Part F Debt-Equity Swaps 20. Debt-Equity Swaps in Chile 21. Ricardo Ffrench Davis Debt-Equity Swaps: Panacea or the Emperor's New Clothes? 22. Hans Joachim Huss Debt-Equity Swaps, Investment and Creditworthiness: The Chilean Example 23. Rolf Schinke The Effects of Debt versus Equity Inflows on Savings and Growth in Developing Countries/Ulrich Lachler and Peter Nunnenkamp Part G Debt Burden and Exchange Rates 24. Debt Burden, Export Prices and Real Exchange Rates of the Less Developed Countries: A cross Country Study, 1980-86 25. Prabirjit Sarkar The International Monetary System and Exchange Rate Policies in the Developing Countries/Bela Balassa Part H Bases for New Approach 26. Conditionality: Facts, Theory and Policy Contribution to the Reconstruction of the International Financial System 27. Dragoslav Avramovic Global Trends and Latin American Policy 28. John Williamson The Foreign Debt Crisis and Adjustment in Chile: 1976-86/Ricardo Ffrench Davis Part I International Policies for Adjustment 29. Growth and Macro-economic Policies in the OECD Countries 30. Jean Paul Fitoussi and Jacques Le Cacheux Investment, Imports and Economic Performance of Developing Countries in the 1980s 31. S.M. Shafaeddin Agriculture in Development: A Punished Sector 32. Mats Lundahl Structural Adjustment and East-West-South Economic Cooperation: Key Issues 33. Karl Wohlmuth Visible and Invisible Hands in Trade Policy Reform/David Evans Index

The inter-relations between adjustment, poverty and growth have been studied vigorously by the IMF and World Bank. Now the main issue is how the poor can be protected during periods of adjustment. Experience of the 1980's showed that the World Bank IMF Package provided mised results, with only a minority of the LDCs showing reasonable growth of exports. The symmetry of adjustment now suggests turning around the balance of resource flows again towards the LDCs both for the medium and long term credits.

In the adsence of adequate capital flows, investment levels may prove insufficient to sustain a growth rate that could absorb the growing labour force, this has happened during the last five years in most of the debtor countries.

This volume brings together recent studies relating to the following elements of adjustment and liberalization in the third word: 1. Development Policy and Structural Adjustment 2. World Recession and International Imbalances 3. Adjustment and interdependence 4. Policies for Reform 5. The US, Britain and Japan 6. Debt Equity Swaps 7. Dept Burden and Exchange Rate 8. Bases for a New Approach 9. International Policies for Adjustment.
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