Application of ICT in Libraries : A Paradigm Shift
edited by Sanjeev Lallaisangzuali, Today and Tomorrows, 2016, 286 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 9788170195252, Price : $55.00
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Application of ICT in Libraries : A Paradigm Shift

Contents: Preface. 1. Library/Unindajyoti Choudhury. 2. A study on analyzing the use of Web 2.0 applications in endorsing the innovative library services of national libraries webpage of ASEAN and SAARC countries/Sur Chandra Singha. 3. Role of Librarians in the collection management and development of libraries using web 2.0. technology/Imran Khan. 4. Application of web 2.0 tools in academic libraries: a study of selected libraries in India/Vinita Jain. 5. Social networking sites and libraries/Krishna Kumar, Jamal A. Siddiqui and Meena Pandey. 6. Use of social media in libraries and information centers: an overview/Ravi Kant Singh and A.P. Singh. 7. Impact of social networking sites on library professionals in Tripura: a case study/Sudhir Kumar Jena and Saumen Datta. 8. Learning: a future way of Learning/Parnab Chatterjee and Debasis Das. 9. Evaluation methods for e-learning in Indian education perspective and teaching context: an empirical study/Ranjan Karmakar. 10. E-Learning and its future prospects: an overview/Devendra Kumar. 11. Problems and prospects of open data/Bikramaditya Barman…..

Information and communication Technologies (ICTs) facilitate the process of identification, collection, storing, processing and disseminating of information. The library and information science professionals are utilizing ICTs to keep pace with the problem of information explosion. The benefit of instant access to digital information is the most distinguishing attribute of the information age. In this book, the authors tried to highlight the libraries in the 21st century, the different components of providing digital information services, and information and communication Technology’s role in modernizing libraries. The print media is still a major source of information in libraries. However, the situation is changing, and the library professionals should be ready for everything to cope with the new ICT used in libraries. Computer has brought in a new impact to the library and information usage. In libraries, information technology has assisted library professionals to provide value added quality information service and give more remote access to the inter-nationally available information resources. Today’s highly sophisticated information technology facilitates the storage of huge amounts of data or information in a very compact space. Information technologies promised fast retrieval of stored information and revolutionize our concept of the functions of a traditional library and a modern information centre and have dramatically changed the mode of library operations and services.

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